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Catherine Webb is a French artist. She began working in Irfan Korkmazlar's studio in Istanbul and got trained at Den Haag then in Kensington and Chelsea College of Arts in London.

Initially, she was more bent towards figurative sculpture but when she came back to France, she improved her personal work, which was more oriented towards abstraction through geometric and structured shapes, reducing the size of the figure. 

She is now settled in her studio at St Cyr L'Ecole, after having acquired an expertise of 20 years, due to her training, she has naturally turned towards abstraction associating structure plans, geometric shapes in a composition research which is not only rigorous but strong as well. Steel plays a very important role as it's not only a material for sculpture, but also present for hooping or basing, therefore highlighting the aesthetic appearance and the refined forms of the work.
1991 - Irfan Korzmazlar Studio, Istanbul
1995 - Volksuniversiteit, Den Haag
1998 - Kensington and Chelsea College, London
2002 - ASSARTX, La Celle St Cloud
Since 2013 - Personal Studio, St Cyr L'Ecole
2011 - Grand Prix de la Ville de St Cloud
2013 - Prix de sculpture au salon de l'Armée, Hôtel National des Invalides, Paris
2013 - Prix Evelyne Encelot, Bourgogne
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  • Musée des avelines, St Cloud

  • Salon des Artistes Français 

  • Salon d'automne

  • Salon de l'Ecole Française d'Art Contemporain

  • Salon National de l'Armée

  • Exposition privée, Jardins de Bagatelle

  • Unesco

  • Exposition privée Bruxelles et Paris

  • Exposition privée Editcréa

  • Aranima

  • Carousel du Louvre

  • Puls'art Le Mans (MIAC 2015)

  • Paris Artiste 2016

  • Salon des Réalités Nouvelles (2016)

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